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Miadexclusivity of the Quality

Miad was founded over thirty years ago, on a mission to make quality food accessible.  Learn more about our Story

Gulfood 2012 - Dubai

Miad Will attend the Gulfood2012 in Dubai. As one of the most important exhibitions in the Middle Ea...

Miad will attend the 20th international Food conference in Dubai

Miad will attend the 20th international Food conference in Dubai. Miad will use this opportunity for...

Turkmenistan international food exhibition 2010

Miad Attended the International Exibition in Turkmanistan. This exhibition is an important annual ev...

PROD-EXPO trade fair 2012 Moscow

Miad will attend the PROD-EXPO Trade Fair on February 2012 in Russia Moscow. Miad's presence will be...

International Food Conference 2011 in Ashgabat

Turkmenistan, as one of the successful branches of Miad, has witnessed a healthy growth during the p...


As the original Pure Food Company, Miad is dedicated to the sustainable health of people, the planet and our Company. We are committed to achieving sustainable growth that benefits our shareholders, consumers, customers, employees and communities, guided by the principles of integrity, transparency and social responsibility.


Corporate social responsibility is the foundation of the way that Miad and our employees manufacture and market our products and conduct business throughout the world. In the context of rising commodity prices we recognise there is an important balance to be struck between the consumer interest, corporate profitability and the livelihoods of rice farmers.

Social values

Being a good citizen is a core value at Miad that extends from our company to our employees and the local communities where we operate. Miad has a legacy of providing fair treatment, competitive wages, equal opportunity, and safe and humane working conditions for all employees worldwide. At the individual level, the employees of Miad unselfishly donate their time and talents to countless charities and community programs


Our fundamental approach to business has been the creation of long term sustainable value for our consumers, customers, employees, shareholders and society as a whole. The Miad Business Principles lay out our basic responsibilities to these stakeholders and openly state that we favour long–term business development over short term profit. They include all nine principles of the UN Global Compact regarding labour standards, human rights, and the environment.